Need website links to SLS things?

As we return to school & our computers don't remember us...

This fall at SLS

If you are still experiencing any issues with one of your resources, please alert us and we will look into it and get back to you asap!

Also...MAKE SURE YOU CHECK DISTRICT WEBSITE LINKS. We're starting to hear recently from folks who say that links don't work, and it turns out to be links on websites that are not within our reach. You will need to check with whoever manages your district website to make sure links are current and functioning.

The Library Resource Manager (LRM) is where you will find all of your updated usernames and passwords for databases, as well as your admin link and u/p for stats. We have everything updated in there that we are aware of. Meantime, if there is information you need that isn't there, let us know.

ILLs and The Union Catalog... up-to-date link

As J'aime' has mentioned, we are recommending that schools hold off on borrowing via ILL until the dust settles a bit. If you missed it, click here.

(Multimedia users: Multimedia is still lending book sets, as well as streaming. Email Alicia Makenzie at if you have any questions.)

In addition to COVID concerns that we're still trying to figure out, our libraries are dealing with other uncertainties as well, from staffing to teaching virtually. (We are so sad that Whitehall Jr/Sr High School sustained significant flood damage and will not be able to physically reopen for some time.) We're also asking that you use the weekly courier only, for now. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

That said, many of you are gradually getting back into your library spaces one way or another and likely have items you wish to return...or you've reached out to librarians to borrow a specific item and want to follow through with a "proper" request...or you're wondering about the status of items you loaned out before everything shut down in March. For many of you, you're trying to access the union catalog, and it's been so long that your favorite go-tos don't seem to be working, and your settings are no longer remembered!

The union catalog, where all the ILL magic happens...bookmark this link!

If you need a login, or don't remember what it is, email SLS and we'll fix that for you. (And don't think it's a silly question. I guarantee that we're already being asked.) Some have said their links don't work...if it says "http" or "calypso" in the link, it's old. :)

Some of you are experiencing challenges getting into your local catalogs as well. If it's an OPALS catalog, holler and we'll help you fix that. If it's Follett, reach out to your Follett rep. Make sure the link you save/bookmark is the latest link for your local catalog. It will look similar to this, but with your school code instead of the xxxx. Look for "https", and "narvi" in the URL to know that it's the most current URL for your catalog.

Looking for one of the best ways to put ALL links into one place? We've already put links into your to access your online catalog and Sora, as well as the databases you subscribe to - all with an easy single sign-on for your teachers, students and parents. In addition, you can customize by adding more things such as links to websites, specific pages in a database, pdf's and Word docs. Some people have "generic" research information with resources on writing a good research paper and links to NoodleTools. Others have added links and docs for students to find by topic, subject, or teachers' names.

When so many teachers and students are looking for quality online resources, this is a perfect opportunity to showcase what you have, and what you do! If you weren't able to participate in the summer PD on customization and getting your stats, reach out so we can work with you. It's the perfect collaboration tool when you can't always be together in the same space.

If you haven't tried, or want to do more customization, there's no better time than this year to get started!! Let us know how we can help.

Here are other important websites to have bookmarked...

Yes, we have things in a couple of different places. We're working on it! We've been in triage mode. Bear with us as we work on a more streamlined solution. :)