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Capital City

  • Kabul is Afghanistan's capital city.


  • The population is 31,108,077 as of 13 February, 2014


  • (North) Uzbekistan.
  • (East) China.
  • (South) Pakistan.
  • (West) Iran.

Physical features

  • Nowshak is the tallest point in Afghanistan. (924,557 ft.)
  • Afghanistan lies on the Hari River.


  • Today many girls are named "Roxane" which was Alex The Great's wife's name.
  • 1.5 million people were forced to go to war, and they left home for a while.
  • The Afghan government had a hard time controlling the army because many of the soldier joined the Mujaheddin Army.
  • In December 2004, Hamid Karzai became the first free president.

People and Places

  • Afghanistan doesn't have a way to get to sea.
  • Many people live in the plains and grasslands because of the rich farming areas.
  • Half of the people believe in the Sunni Mulslim religion while others believe in the Shii Mulslims.
  • Afghan's speak two different languages Dari and Pashto.


  • Many people in Afghanistan play a game called "Buzkashi" which means "goat grabbing."
  • Afghans eat on the floor and sit on colorful cushions.
  • Herbs are a very important food in Afghanistan and some have mint, spices and other different flavors.
  • Life is very hard in Afghanistan and kids don't have much free time, but when they do they always enjoy it.


  • Citizens over 18 years old can vote to elect a government.
  • Afghan's carpets and clothing are well known all around the world.
  • Most people don't have cars so they ride on animals.
  • Afghan's mines are known to have silver, coal, and salt.

My choice

  • Kids that live in Afghanistan really don't go to school because the wars have destroyed the them.
  • Afghan kids love to play soccer and a dangerous game of kite fighting.
  • Females do the cooking and cleaning and the males do farming and their business.