4th Grade lesson review

January 29 - February 9

January 20 - February 2

This week we learned about the musical symbol, fermata. Remember that the fermata means that you hold the note longer. If you are playing in a group you hold it for as long as the conductor wants the ensemble to hold it.

You also learned a new note! The new note is written in your book before number 27. Look next to or under the note to help you remember how to play it!

Percussionists: We were working on our multiple bounce. Remember to use the correct grip on the sticks.

February 5 - February 9

This week we reviewed what we learned last week. Please practice the assigned music to get more comfortable with your new note. We will be moving on to the next page next week.

Percussionists: This week we learned the flam. Practice the flam slowly and play the pieces on page 8a and 8b

Any questions email me at: amarmelstein@htsd.us