Smoking,drugs,and achole

Differences Between Smokers and NonSmokers

There are a lot of differences between smokers and nonsmokers although smokers are kind of the same people...But they still smoke.They still go to party's,eat,sleep,get sick,get cold,and have fun.In front of all those things,cigarettes have side effects or causes that can change or not change your life.Like, yellow teeth,bad breath,harder to breath,lung cancer,hospitalization,oxegin tanks,heart disease,less blood flow tords brain,more colds,and the smoke can be harmful too.That was just a little list of what it can do for you and other people...Even complete strangers!And just because of these little cigarette that has nicotine!Nicotine is something inside a cigarette that hurts us but gets us addicted to have a really bad habit of smoking.

Nication is bad for your body,causes cancer,death,hurts your whole body badly if you keep doing it.Nicotine is made in factories for the cigarettes,then the cigarette gets in a package then they go to a store so people can buy them...Which is very bad for people and the store because they sell them to people.But lucky for nonsmokers they don´t have to spin money on cigarettes because they don´t smoke.But smokers spend a bunch of money each year just for cigarettes and not just one but a whole pack of cigarettes. Plus.Plus the cigarettes tastes nasty so its not worth the money or anything!That is why you should not smoke,and that is also some differences between nonsmokers and smokers.

Say No To Drugs

Drugs.There terrible. You just can't get away from drugs,that's why you say no. How?Well its not that easy to say no but it's important...Really important. It's like smoking a cigarette. You start its hard to stop.Plus it hurts your body badly.And on top of that,it has side effects, and not the good kind.So if someone offers you drugs as you are a kid say no,or simply change the subject or say something like no my parents would ground me for life or you ask to play a game or start a new game or just walk away because drugs are dangerous to you and your body and loved ones and friends!That is why you should say no.


Lots of people say alcohol is either good or bad,but could it really be a bad thing?Sure it can be bad but how bad?Here are some steps that will tell you bad alcohol is.First alcohol ruins people's lives but not just yours,everybody around you!(Including strangers.)Second,your body ain't used to it!It could cause your body some problems...And not just some problems,a lot and big problems.Next,you mite start acting weird or weirder.Then, you discover side effects or causes like dizziness,and other things that are really, really, bad.Finally,you may be hospitalized or maybe dead.Now you see how bad it could be and its really bad!


Alcohol-is A liquid that is very harmful for you and your body because of side effects

Cancer-Is a uncontrollable diseases

cigarette-Something people smoke with

Hospitalization-Means in a hospital

Nonsmokers-People that don't smoke

Smokers-People that smoke cigarettes

5 Question Quiz

1.Name atleast 3 differences from smokers to nonsmokers

2.Name 1 thing from the artical on what you can do when someone offers you drugs

3.Name 2 things that alchole does for you

4.Name 2 things on how all the paragraghs are alike

5.Name 2 reasons why all the paragraghs are diffrent