Tips from your DLC

Black History Month Ideas


Tellagami is very easy to use and a great tool for Black History Month.

Tellagami Task Card

Black History Movie

Puppet Pals

I Don't have a task card but very easy to use. I will be glad to show any of you.

Go to the bottom of this page for Puppet pals examples:

Puppet Pals examples

Google Slides

Take pictures of your students representing someone. Create slides in google slides with their picture and quote. If you want to do this I will create a template for your students or if lower grades decided for the teachers. Students could work as a group on this project as well and share the slide show among them. We can then publish to web and create a link to scan... Here is a little different take on these photos. More examples.
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Strip Designer App

Life Cards

Life Cards Task Cards

The examples below are not black history but you can still do the same thing and write a postcard from a famous black american or a newspaper article using life cards

Type Drawing App

Type Drawing Task Card

Type drawing is a fun app where they can create a silhouette of words shaped like their african american. Below is an example to give you an idea.

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