October Update @ the LOUDbrary

What's the "LOUDbrary" you ask? Click here to find out more!

Our media center is a 21st century learning commons. We have a commons area for collaboration, quiet reading zones, gaming zones, and computer zones.

Join us for reading, working in collaborative groups, playing chess, or researching.

This isn't your parents' library!

"The Learning Commons concept is about the media center’s transformation from mere repositories for print and media into dynamic and inviting spaces. It’s about the transition from guardian of books and overdue fines, to emphasizing the media specialist’s role in helping students and teachers navigate the ways to read and learn. It is less about searching for information, and more about sifting and discerning the right information from the deluge of hardware, software, and web-based resources" (Vicki Mendoza, 2014).

Granted, there is still a noise limit here in the LOUDbrary, but it is no longer "ssshhhh" all the time.

Come visit us and check us out!


Here are a few books to get you in the Halloween spirit!

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2 for 2 Policy

Don't forget you may check out up to two books for two weeks. Be sure to renew or turn in your books before the due date to avoid overdue charges. You don't even need your book, just come to the circulation desk to renew.