Cigarettes, Friends or Foes?


Cigarettes are not and never will be anyone's friend. They tear you down more than they build you up, they cost you money and they have no attractive qualities in them. Put them out before you decide to put one up, they will change your life for good. Within this article, you will be given many reason to never pick one up.


Cigarettes are obviously foes. They contain many harmful properties such as, nicotine, the part that makes the cigarette addictive, and then there is carbon monoxide which pretty much blocks the oxygen from getting to the blood. Cigarettes only break people down, financially, and their lives. They can tear apart families because one of them wastes all their money needed for food and bills on cigarettes. Make smart choices, put it down before it puts you down.


There are many alternatives to quit smoking. Quitting cold-turkey seems to fail often, so they have created E-Cigarettes and nicotine patches. E-Cigarettes have no tobacco in them, they're made of metal, and they have nicotine and vapor within them. Find an alternative before it's too late.