Module 7 - Memory

Activities and Information for December 3rd

INFORM: Module 6 Timed Essay

Your Module 6 Timed Essay is also open and must be completed by Wednesday, December 3rd. Again, late submissions will receive a maximum grade of 60%, unless a valid excuse is provided to me by your ELA.

If you need to test after school, you should already have notified me with a specific time. If not, you will need to test between 6 and 10 pm - so I have time after work to open the assessment.

CELEBRATE: Outstanding Module 6 MC tests!

Congratulations to the following students for great Module 6 Tests! Keep up the great effort - Caleb, Maddison, Jessica C, Macey, Shalom, Tiffany, Yipin, Sarah, Alex, Peyton, Caroline T, Kinley, David, Miles, Zack, Emily, Shane, Sydney P, Rubi R, Sidney, Hank, Sydney S, Jasmine, May, Taylor, Zannah, Jecori, Evan, Wendi, Hershel, and Bryan!

Module 7: Memory

A few reminders as we begin Module 7:

  • Do ALL the activities in the Module - even if there's nothing to turn in for credit!
  • Read all the assignments - and take notes when doing so.
  • Actively engage in your course - the more active you are in your learning, the more likely it is you will retain the information.
  • Also, please look at the Due Dates for this Module - testing for this Module is before winter break and all activities, including test corrections are due before the break - PLAN AHEAD!

INSTRUCT - TED Podcasts about Memory - Listen to these fantastic talks!