CCA Science Class Of the Future

The Best Science Class in the City designed by Haley Cruz

Imagine a fun, exciting place to learn all about Science!

Come visit CCA and see my ideas for a fun, creative place that will make students excited about learning Science!

Come Join us as we unveil my design for Science Classroom of the Future

Our new science class designed by Haley Cruz will have state of the art technology like smart board and Tablets for each workstation.

Q. How big is the classroom

A. Our science class will be about 10'x10'

Q. Do you have computers or tablets?

A. Each workstation will be fitted with Tablets for each student. Students will be encouraged to research online answers to questions the teacher may ask.

Each class with have the internet!!!!

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Some cool things you will find in the Science Classroom

  1. Supply cabinet: Secure place to store our science equipment
  2. Stylish workstations: a comfortable work area for each student
  3. Demonstration Table: Right in the middle of the classroom will be our demonstration table for all students to see the teacher show us cool experiments
  4. Cleanup station: a place to wash all used equipment

We even play music in the class!!

That's right!

We think Music is great to listen to while working.

Our science class will have music playing in the background at all times

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White walls are Boring!

White walls are boring! Our science class will have lots of color on the walls, fun posters and just great pieces of art.
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