Brown Bear News

January 16 - 20, 2017

This month in the Brown Bear Class: It's Winter !


Tuesday This week we will practice the letter F. The pre-k kids will make a book and today we will make the first page. Library this week will be on Thursday, so look for a book to come home that day.....if you have sent your child's other book back. We will play a penguin math game and our book will be Plenty of Penguins.

Thursday Today we will make the 2nd page of our book for gathering. Our book is Penguins Everywhere. We will make a paper penguin. We did this several years ago and they turned out to have definite "personalities".

Friday Today for gathering we will make the last page of our book. We will read Penguin and Pinecone for language circle. We will draw a penguin....or try to!

Notes: January 26 we will have dental screenings at school.

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