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Follow up....a system to help you is available

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What is FIITFU and what is this email all about?

I'm excited to share with you...something pretty exciting that I recently learned about! I'm sure you've heard the saying "The fortune is in the follow up"...guess what IT IS!

Following up on your leads is the HEART of your business!

I'm coming to you today, to provide you with an opportunity, to participate in a 30 minute webinar! The webinar is hosted by the company Fiitfu and it's a tour of their system and what they offer.

Fiitfu was created by a former Direct Sales Consultant, for us! She saw a need for the software, thank goodness, and it launched about 4 years ago.

Fiitfu, in short, is a system accessible online or on a mobile device, that helps you be effective with your customers and your teams. You select the options for follow up-when and how, plus you can also set step by step tasks in Fiitfu for your parties and so much more. No more "I don't want to forget to do XYZ" because it's all input and there for you, the way you want it.

Intrigued....I hope so! I love this system and I cannot honestly speak enough praise; it's helping me work fewer hours and be a whole lot more effective!

Join us on February 18th at 5:30pm PST

Be sure to mark your calendars and REGISTER to learn about Fiitfu's TOP 10 Features

To browse and learn more before the webinar, here is the company webpage. O2 reps do receive a discount, to the best of my knowledge :)

Rochelle Britton Young, Senior Director 1005

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