The Boy Who Saved Baseball

Dalton Pottratz


The theme of the story is all good things come to an end.


Doc is a very old and wise man. He reminds me of Archie (from Stargirl).They were both very smart. Doc ended up dieing at the end but he gave all his wills to little Tom.

Tom Gallager

The Big Game

The game had a lot of pressure on the boys and girls. Either they won and saved the ballpark or they lose and and the rotten, old field gets bulldozed. Tom was problebly the worst hitter. It was bottom of the nineth and and bases were loaded Tom hits a pop fly and the crazy wind takes it and the won by one run.

My hero

My dad is my hero. He was a brave soldier and faught inthe millitary. There was a posobility of him not comming back home. We had some otheer friend go over seas too, so he wasnt so alone.