Lithium Man

Its many uses

It has ton of great uses and its an amazing metal. When it contacts water it has an extreme reaction and basically explodes. It works great in batteries because of how long it can store electricity and how long it can last.

Lithium-ion batteries

They have many pros and few cons. the pros include their extremely long life. they can hold a charge for long periods of time, they only loose %5 of charge a month compared to a regular battery that looses %20 a month. One of the cons is the price. Lithium-ion batteries are really expensive because of the computer they have on them to manage their functions. They also are heat sensitive and will loose their life in heat. They begin to loose their life as soon as they leave the factory and their is a 2 or 3 in a million chance that they will burst in to flames for no reason.

Other uses

Lithium has many other uses. One is in greases because it is thicker. It is used in pills for mood disorders. Their are also pills for bipolar disorders.