The Harley & Ciarra Gazette

Bandwagon vs. Testimonial


Bandwagon is when you incorporate that "everybody" is doing it and that you cane become "cool" or "cooler" if you use or purchase the product.

1.An example is Ram/Dodge's slogan "WHERE EVERYBODY RIDES".

2.Also, an example is the Pepsi commercial with Drew Brees and One direction. It he commercial Harry Styles gives Drew Brees the Pepsi they are fighting for, for a try-out for the team.

3.Another example is of Burger King's slogan "Have It Your Way".



A testimonial is when they use famous people or a person that is inspiring to people. They use them to get you to think that is 'famous people use it so i should use it too' type of thinking.

1.An example is the Pepsi commercial with Drew Bree's and One Direction in it.

2.Another is the Pepsi commercial has Sofia Vergara

3. Third is the Zaxbys commercial with Leanne Womack