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Mammoth Skeleton Found

Mammoth skeleton found

A Colombian Mammoth was found in Waco, Texas. It sits in Waco Mammoth National Momument. A 100 acre parkland near the Bosque River. It was a spring morning in 1978 Paul Barron and Eddie Bufkin went on a search for arrowheads and fossils near the Bosque River. To their surprise they stumbled across a ravine with a large eroded bone sticking out of it. They quickly removed it and took it to Baylor University's Streker Museum. The staff at the Streker Museum Identified it as a femur bone of a Colombian Mammoth

The Streker Museum Gathered a team of volunteers as fast as they could. With this team they could excavate the sit were the femur bone was found. To their surprise there was not only one Mammoth at that location there were 16. What they found was a nursery herd of Colombian Mammoths. They also uncovered 6 additional Mammoths including a large male. Along with a Camel and a unknown animal and a juvenile saber toothed cat canine.

When They Went Extinct

It was 1700 B.C. when the mammoths went extinct. Mammoths evolved from a species called M. africanavus, the African Mammoth. These Mammoths looked more like the elephants you see today. In fact they did not go extinct until about 3-4 million years ago. The descendant of theses Mammoths came from Northern Africa. Taking advantage of the low sea levels the crossed a temporary land bridge between Eurasia and North America.

The Colombian Mammoths lived were there were not very many trees. Unlike the Elephants today they ate the grass and plants that were on the ground. These 14 foot tall giants did not have very good eye sight either. So they relied on the camel to alert them if there was danger and the camels relied on the Mammoths to protect them. When the Mammoths went extinct it took a toll on the camel population because the mammoths helped to protect the camels. The camels had no one to protect them. The grass had other thing that ate it so the extinction of the Mammoths had no affect on it.

How does this fit into our creation story.

There are many theories of how the dinosaurs fit into our creation. The Bible says that God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh. What the Bible doesn't say how long a day is. A day could have been 24 hours to 24 thousand years.

Since we don't know how long how long the day lasted the dinosaurs could have lived in one day. If God created the world in six days these days could mean eras. So we can't be quite sure were the dinosaurs would fit into our creation stories.

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