Time to LOVE your skin again!

Cupid's arrow strikes with R+F!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Before I began using Rodan+Fields, my skin was in terrible shape. I remember calling my sister and telling her that I was seeing wrinkles... in my cheeks... at 32!!! But really it was just that I was caking foundation and powder onto dead skin cells so it looked like wrinkles. What I desperately needed was a little TLC for my skin! When I began Rodan+Fields, my husband and I IMMEDIATELY saw a huge difference in the texture of my skin and I finally had a glow again. I hesitated to invest in myself for quite a while, but when I finally did, I restored my confidence and no longer felt the need to hide behind a mask of make-up! I only wish I hadn't waited so long!

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Check out my before and after!

Boy... Now those were some mega "new baby" under eye bags! So thankful for our eye cream! I also used the redefine regimen + Amp roller and night serum. (No make-up in either picture. The lighting is a little different bc it is very difficult to capture the same natural lighting!)
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