Principal's Update

April 3, 2020 - Remote Learning Newsletter #3

Below are resources and information regarding NCCS Emergency Instructional Plan

Saints Community,

As a school staff, we have learned a lot during this first week of remote learning! How about you? You have been amazing partners through it all! We applaud you and appreciate you.

It has been our intention to be mindful of how much work is assigned, that the work is meaningful, developmentally appropriate, and engaging. Many of our teachers are learning how to create videos and upload them to YouTube, run a video conference, manage Google chat sessions with students to answer questions, and to process the volume of digitally submitted documents from all their subjects and students. Over time, skills will be learned and remote learning and teaching will become more familiar to all. We appreciate your patience with us as we must adjust quickly, while aiming to provide the education we want our students to experience.

As remote learning developes at our school, I am listening to feedback from my staff, parents and students. In doing so, I am open to making adjustments to processes and resources to support everyone. Beginning next week, the following two adjustments will be made:
1. Lesson plans will be sent out every evening
(around 8 pm) for the following day, rather than same day lessons going out in the morning. This should allow for parents to look over the work each student has for the following day. In doing this, parents will have more time to plan how to support their student, so they can meet school expectations in the day ahead.

2. Teacher "Office Hours" will now be 9 am to 2 pm, Monday-Friday. They need time each day to plan lessons and correct work. This new schedule should provide the necessary time for these things to be accomplished (before and after the teacher Office Hours). If you send an email after 2 pm, you can expect a teacher to respond the following day.

There are many details outlined in this newsletter, so I hope you will take time to read it all carefully and completely. Additionally, I ask you to take a few minutes to complete the weekly parent survey that is linked below.

Have a blessed Holy Week,

Mrs. James

PLEASE COMPLETE TODAY: NCCS Remote Learning Survey for April 3

Please use the link below to reply (one per family) to the Remote Learning Survey for this week. Doing so will provide us with feedback so we can make necessary improvements and provide assistance as indicated through this communication. Thank you! Sherri :)


Big picture

NCCS Teachers are The Best!

Google Meets Extension for "Grid View"

Most of our teachers are using Google Meets for video conferencing and teaching. There is an extension you can add to allow all participants to be in view during a meeting. Use this link to add this extension if your student wants to be able to see everyone in Meet. Please be aware that the extension won't work for Apple products. This is optional and not required for Meet app.

Reporting Absenses During Remote Learning Days

When a student is ill, and not able to complete work or study, we are asking parents to notify the office ( and the student's teacher(s). We will follow our regular policy for make up work for absenses due to illness.

Our School Library is OPEN for Checkouts!

The NCCS Library is open and ready to checkout books for your family. We want to support our students as readers and provide a selection of books for your home. See the attachment below for directions on using our school library services.

Let's remember to set aside time for worship in the coming days for Holy Week as we enter into Easter.

Holidays Observed

The school calendar holiday schedule will continue to be observed with no school (remote learning) for the following dates:

  • April 10 (Good Friday)- Spend this day in worship with your family, remembering Christ's sacrifice for our sins. See some ideas below for Holy Week family activities.

Excelsior Choir Praises our Lord Through Song

We talked a lot about meaning before we sang this earlier in the year. These students are the real thing and this is a powerful piece for us. “I’m Gonna Sing Till The Spirit Moves In My Heart” by Moses Hogan is a spiritual written so masterfully!

We just don’t always feel the Spirit moving but we know He is there. This song to me means, “I’m gonna keep doing what you ask of me Lord . . . no matter what! I’m gonna sing, pray, shout! I am going to be all in with every piece of me I have left. Even if I don’t feel it I will “sing” (representing how I live my life) until my last breath or as the song ends so powerfully...TILL HE COMES!”

The kids captured this so powerfully as the song begins with Caleb’s lone voice and testimony, then Ian, joined by Brea and finally Hadden leads the force of the full choir to say in full harmony, “I will Sing till the Spirit moves in my heart! It grows in intensity pausing to demonstrate the movement like the wind of the Holy Spirit in our lives. We can’t see Him but we feel Him and his presence is real and life changing.

The end is my favorite with a beautiful exclamation by our high soprano Megan to say ‘Amen’ to living life well and fully for Jesus even if you do not feel it all the time.

Rebecca Steele

(and Kelly Bard)

Online Book Fair This Month

An online Book Fair opportunity for our community is coming soon! Even though our campus is closed, we still want to make the Book Fair available for our families. This is a great opportunity to promote reading while staying home. New books always bring smiles!

From April 13th to April 26th online purchases can be made and shipped directly to your home. Shipping will be free for any orders over $25. All purchases will benefit our school. More info coming soon!

Online Spring College Classes for High School Students

A message from Clackamas Community College to high school students and parents:

We have been receiving many inquiries from students and parents about CCC’s online course options for spring term, and have put together a list of recommended courses students can take online through CCC. Our spring term runs April 6 – June 12.

Attached i(below) s a flyer for more information about these offerings and how students can get started with us spring term. While we highlighted courses on the flyer that fit into an AAOT, CCC is offering many online courses spring term in addition to the classes on this list. On the flyer, there is a link to view all available courses for spring term.

APRIL BIRTHDAYS...Sending love and blessings on your special day this week!!!

Seth (3), Abigail (8), Jesse (8), Wesley (4), Lillian (5), Andi (PreK)


Resources to Encourage and Support Christian Parents

Resources for Enrichment Activities at Home

Visit these websites for FREE activities when students are looking for something to do:

CrossFit Kids is Happening!

A NCCS parent, Lisa Coleman, is hosting a CrossFit Kids! at 4pm on ZOOM every Monday/Wednesday/Friday. HERE IS THE LINK and Meeting ID: 375 899 487, Password: 045855.

Mythbuster Videos: Spreading Germs

#1 - How fast germs spread at a party:

#2 - How far a sneeze can spread germs:

#3 - What contains germs in a sneeze best:

REMINDER: Remote Learning Tech Support

Parents may reach out to either of the following for IT support:

Make An Appointment First

If there is a need to come by the school campus for any reason, please make an appointment by emailing No students or non-employee adult should be on campus without administrative approval for exceptions to the closure. McKenzie, Emily, and Sherri, will continue to be available via e-mail for all needs that arise.

Our next materials pick up and drop off day will be April 13. Look for more inforamation and sign ups for that in next week's newsleter.

#StayHomeSaveLives...Be informed about COVID-19

Oregon response: The Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Office of Emergency Management lead the state response.

United States response: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention leads the U.S. response.

Global response: The World Health Organization guides the global response.

North Clackamas Christian School

During this temporary campus closure, our office hours are limited. However, we are regularly checking email, phone messages, and getting mail. Please reach out to us should you have questions or need assistance.

Superintendent/Principal: Sherri James (Ext 101)

Office Manager: McKenzie Falotico (Ext 100)

Business Office Manager: Emily Clark (Ext 202)