Riley's Babysitting!

Riley Brown

All About Me

I am 12 years old and I love children. I am turning 13 years old this coming August. I do not have any younger sibling, but I do have a 5 year old cousin and a baby cousin on the way! To this day I still babysit her, and I babysat her when she was a baby too. So, I do have some experience. I am very good with kids and responsible with them. I am a good cook and I care for others. I am trustworthy and patient with others, especially kids.

Phone Number and Email:


Availability and Location:

I am available the 24/7 during the summer. During the school year, I am available Wednesday and Friday after school and the weekends. I am willing to watch a child anywhere. Doesn't matter whose house.

Gender/Age/ Number

I am willing to baby-sit any age as long as they aren't older than me. I am willing to babysit new-born's to 9-year-old's as long as you are comfortable with me with your baby/child. I am comfortable with any gender, too. I love boys and girls equally. I am only comfortable with babysitting 4 children and under at one time.