Credit News Letter

Jesus Moreno

The basics of credit.

Credit is the ability to secure goods or services before payment, based on the trust that payment will be made in the future. There are three types of credit. There are installment credit, revolving credit, and open credit. You would have to have a credit card, make a loan and pay it off on time to have good credit. What varies on getting good credit score is being able to pay off your loan on time. The less credit a person uses out of the amount he has available, the better he will look to the credit bureau. Knowing what goes in into the number on the credit report can help someone keep a good score. The credit score means a lot to lenders which are those who loan money or borrow.

Credit Cards

A credit card comes from a bank and it is used to buy goods and services. You can usually use credit cards anywhere coming from stores to restaurants. The benefits and costs from using a credit card is that you can sign up bonuses, cash back, frequent-flyer miles, points, safety, grace period, insurance, universal acceptance, and building credit.

Smart Consumers.

Keeping your bank account information is really important because anyone can steal that information and take your money which would be a bad thing. Also using the credit card too much can lead to more money you have to pay eventually and that’ll be harder to pay off. Credit cards should be used for your needs not wants. Also paying off your loans on time is good so in that case you’ll have good credit.