Stanley Milgram

By: Dominic Williams

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For What Is He Most Famous?

Stanley Milgram is most famous for studying obedience through the controversial "Milgram Obedience Experiments" which began in 1961. His Participants were ordered by an authority figure to give increasingly strong electric shocks to actors. He found that only 65% of the people who were tested actually were willing to give a maximum voltage, while others stopped.
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How did his research affect the field of psychology?

Milgram showed that certain situations whether good or bad can affect the way a person makes decisions. Threw off the theory that outside events can't affect people.

How did his research change our understanding of how people think and act?

His research showed that our obedience to authority is learned and ingrained from the way we were brought up. Because of this ordinary people are likely to follow orders from an authoritative figure even to the point of killing another person. They will only obey if the feel the figure is morally right and/ or legally based.

How was his research received?

MIlgram's experiment was definitely seen as disturbing and controversial. Most likely because they didn't know it was fake. People thought of him and his experiment as unethical. It did however prove that some people will obey authority figures no matter what. Some however may question their authorities. That was the ultimate goal to who would obey and who wouldn't.