Wilson Weekly


Thank you all for your hard work during the Holiday Luncheon!

The kids and parents all had an amazing time. All of the smiling faces was a great way to cap a busy and fun week. Thank you for your continued dedication to our community and more importantly our kids.

Innovator Labs are coming soon!!!

As we adapt to become better prepared for 21st century jobs and education we're remaking our traditional labs into 21st century innovator labs. Here's a sneak peek...
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Sights from the 5th Grade

Ms. Freeman's Desk Practice

Ms. Freeman's students were actively solving a variety of decimal problems while writing on their desks. This activity allowed Ms. Freeman to confer with kids, quickly fix misconceptions, and the students loved writing on their desks. It's a win, win, win!


Ms. Wolfsohn's Reading Workshop

Ms. Wolfsohn's students were actively engaged in a variety of workshop centers. From independent reading to close reading social studies and science content to remediation with the help of Imagine Learning. Ms. Wolfsohn's class was fully engrossed in reading and writing.

Ms. Sanchez's Differentiation

Ms. Sanchez's students were actively working on a variety of math activities. In each group their were students working on Big Brainz and independent practice. This allowed Ms. Sanchez to move about the class and confer with students independently as they prepared for their 2nd fractions test.

Important Dates

12/7: DA Testing Meeting

12/8: SST Day (Sanchez @ 10:10; Fennimore @ 2:40)

12/9: Ryan at ISC

12/10: Ryan at ISC @ 2:30

Book Fair is up and running all week!