Safety For Preschoolers

By Brenna Anderson

Outdoor Safety

Many preschoolers are injured on playgrounds. They are at a greater risk of injury than older children. Most injuries are a result of falling from equipment. Parents need to keep an eye on their children while they are playing. Water safety is also important. Drowning can happen in seconds. One way to prevent this is by making sure your child can swim. Teach them yourself, or sign them up for swim lessons. Also teach them the pool rules so they can avoid getting hurt

Safety At Home

Preschoolers can get hurt at home too. Make sure furniture is stable and doesn't have sharp corners sticking out. Keep windows and doors locked. Use a safety gate if necessary. Outlet covers are also good to have so preschoolers don't stick their fingers or other things in the outlets. Always store any medicines, chemicals, or cleaners in a cabinet with childproof latches or in child proof containers. Many children are poisoned if they come in contact with these substances. Always keep the number for the poison control center nearby. Preschoolers can easily get burned if they aren't careful. Keep anything hot out of reach and teach them about the danger of touching hot things.

Vehicle and Road Safety

The #1 rule is buckle up. Many people die in accidents just because they aren't wearing a seat belt. Make sure preschoolers are in a car seat that is appropriate for their size. Never leave a child unattended, especially when it's hot. If you do, it could result in serious health effects or death for your child. Teach children about road safety. Teach them to always cross the street in the crosswalk and to look both ways before doing so.

Personal Safety

Preschoolers need to know their personal information like their full name, their address, and their phone number. Make sure they know how to dial 911. Make sure they know what to do if they get separated from adults. Preschoolers need to know that they can't go anywhere without an adult. Teach your child about stranger danger. They should never approach a stranger in a vehicle, they should never accept anything from a stranger, and they should never go anywhere with a stranger.

What Should Parents Do?

Parents should set an example. Preschoolers learn a lot from watching how adults act so adults should always try to act safely. Parents should also make the home environment good and safe. They should form a good relationship with their preschooler so they can communicate and answer any questions a child might have.