Lipstick on a Pig:

PD that Brings Home the Bacon: SXSWEDU 2016

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HMW Make Connections?: Mixer

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Round 1: Ding!

  1. What do you do by day?
  2. And night?
  3. What is your super power? (It has to be super!)

Round 2: Ding!

  1. Who are you/what role do you play on social media?
  2. Who are two must follow folks in your PLN

Round 3: Ding!

  1. What one book has had the most profound impact on your teaching/professional practice?
  2. What one book do you most wish you could discuss with the author? What would you ask?
  3. ___________ is my go-to handbook/guide for ____________.

Time to curate

1. Go here and make a copy of the Mixer Round Template (3 slides per person) and complete with your info

Why does PD still suck? : MeMe

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Do: Make a Meme

  • Make a meme from the point of view of a student/teacher/learner/participant demonstrating their attitude towards PD.
  • Post it here
  • Fav meme tools?
  • Meme Generator
  • Img Flip

What could PD look like?: Hexagonal Thinking

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Do: Hexagonal Thinking with PD in mind

  • What could/should PD look like?
  • What is the biggest impediment to better PD?
  • What solutions can we implement to overcome these challenges?
  • Action: What can we DO (what actionable steps could we take). Write here.
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Free Time Exploration

  • Snacks
  • Connect
  • Books & Materials Exploration
  • Questions, Wonders, Epiphanies (dry erase squares)

Is it possible to over-innovate?: Thinking Routine

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Do: See, Think, Wonder

Culture of Thinking: Facilitated Discussions

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Cultural Zoology

Time Allocation - Baby Goats

Language Patterns - Alpacas (different than the large brown llama...)

Expectations - Hippo

Relationships - Donkey

Classroom Routines - Penguins & Polar Bear

Modeling - Zebra

Physical Environment - Skunk & Giraffe

Opportunities - Llama

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Do: Facilitated Discussions

  • Research assigned cultural force with group
  • What types of questions might encourage reflection regarding this particular cultural force?
  • Post your questions here
  • Facilitate discussion on cultural force using your group created questions
  • Time for individual reflection on cultural forces
  • Where to go for more.. #8culchat

HMW design & implement better PD? : Design Thinking Scenarios

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Design Thinking Scenarios

  • Work with your team to design a PD session for the following scenario....

Sketch/ Quiet Reflection Time

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  • HMW act on what we've experienced today
  • Share plans
  • Share- later when you do it

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