The Baby Blues

Information and Advice for New Moms

The Baby Blues: What is it?

This term describes a brief period of sadness or depression affecting new mothers directly or shortly after giving birth.

Symptoms of the Baby Blues

Also referred to as "postpartum blues," this period may cause you a time of uneasiness and fear. You may begin to feel moody or agitated over things that wouldn't bother you under normal circumstances, as well anxious or worried about the prospect of motherhood in general. Your appetite and sleep patterns may fluctuate and you may find yourself crying for no apparent reason.

Real Life Example

Contrary to popular belief, many woman experience the baby blues after giving birth (up to 80% of all deliveries). Many of the mothers you know in love in your every day life have probably experienced this period and have overcome come it accordingly. Not even the celebrities you listen to and watch on TV are immune from this - many famous women have opened up about their experiences with the baby blues, including the likes of Vanessa Minnillo, Gwenyth Paltrow, Brooke Shields, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Courtney Cox.

"We are taught that being a mother and becoming a mother is the most glorious thing you could ever do. It's the most natural thing," Shields confided when asked of her experience. "If you don't do this beautifully, then you are wrong. You know, you're not a good mother. You're not a good woman."

Just like these woman and millions more across the globe, your case of the baby blues is in no way abnormal or necessarily indicative of a serious problem.


Most cases of the baby blues will clear up within a few days - if you experience these feelings for an extended period of time, you may be dealing with something slightly more serious such as postpartum depression.

How to Cope with the Baby Blues

The good news for new moms dealing with this period of sadness is that, as aforementioned, it should clear itself up within a short amount of time. How ever, there are a few things you can do as a mother to speed the recovery process along. To name a few, be sure to get plenty of rest and avoid sleep deprivation, surround yourself with support from family and friends, and remember to give yourself enough time to deal with this in your own way. Above all, remain positive whenever possible - things will always get better.

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