Come to Georgia!

It's super great!

Georgia is a Great Place to Settle!

The Georgia Colony is classified as one of the Southern Colonies. The Georgia Colony was founded in 1732 by James Oglethorpe and other colonists. It was named after King George the Second. Yes, Georgia is the last established colony, but we always save the best for last! Originally settled by the British, Georgia was an ideal location to grow crucial cash crops that you and your family will love to grow and sell! Because Georgia has so much coastal access, deporting these crops will be super easy and fun! The climate year round is ideal for growing tobacco, cotton, corn and many other useful crops. We hope you chose to settle in sunny Georgia.

Why choose Georgia?

Besides our wonderful climate, we have a very tolerant religious outlook. Any religion is welcome as we are not ruled by any dominant religious group. We are governed by the King, directly governed by special governors appointed just by him! We trade tobacco, corn, and sugar, for crucial items not found on the farm like shoes, lace, and thread. All of our profits go to Europe in order to benefit our King and country. Georgia is so special in all of our hearts, and it's oddities make it even more special. Considering Georgia is was mainly built off of Europeans in debtors prison, it has a very rich and special cultural background. We hope you settle in here nicely!