Holmquist News & Notes

May 9 - May 13

Kimberly's Message

Welcome to Week ???? (I've lost count)! The days are passing by and we are down to the wire. I believe we have about 22 days left of school, which is 3 weeks. I know we are getting tired, but we are almost at the end. So, let's use this weekend to rejuvenate our mind, body and spirits. I too feel the daily demands of our career on my body, so I will be doing the same. If I haven't thanked you all year, please know that I appreciate all that you do for our kids. Also, thank you for all of my birthday wishes and I wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day

Shout Out

  • Ms. Cheng received a 2016 Alief ISD Education Foundation Mini-Grant
  • Kindergarten Team-They were the first team to turn in all scantrons for the Reading DCA.

  • May I request a shout out for Mr. Revenaugh this week? He has been doing a wonderful job keeping the CCC lab clean with his morning group, and being an overall help in the lab in the morning. I’m not sure if this is how we request for a person to get recognition in S’mores

  • Belinda, Purdy and Siddiqui for staying late to interview a potential teacher yesterday.

  • Kelli for organizing the McTeacher night. Please sign up and encourage your students to come out. The more people, the more money!

  • Ms. McKenzie for organizing the pep rally. The kids always enjoy it and the teachers do too.

  • Ms. V. Rodriquez for decorating this week for Teacher Appreciation Week and for many other events

  • Coach Foster, Coach Sallee and Mr. Endsley for helping with the boys group. Things went really well and a special thank you to Ms. Williams for working with our volunteers

  • Ms. Waak for helping PK teachers with ISTation testing

  • Coach Sallee for helping out with the STAAR Pep Rally and assisting at the last minute - we appreciate your expertise

  • Mr. Bryant for helping in car rider dismissal area - Ms. Cheng

  • All 3rd and 4th grade teachers for encouraging their students to do their best

  • K, 1, and 2 for adopting a 3rd and 4th grade class

  • Ms. Amador, Ms. Nyan, Ms. Purdy, Ms. Watts, Ms. Guerra and all of ILT for making sure we are STAAR ready.

  • To every staff member - YOU ROCK!

  • Ms. Costello for the STAAR Video and Song

  • Ms. Johnson and Ms. Carter for the STAAR Cheer

  • All teachers that help with the 3rd and 4th grade cheer

  • Ms. Middleton for teaching our kids a dance to the STAAR Song

Weekly Calendar

Sunday, May 9th

Happy Birthday Ms. Baez-Salazar

Monday, May 9th

EDC 160

Happy Birthday Ms. Curry

Happy Birthday Ms. Ghani

STAAR MATH - Wear Jeans and Field Day shirt, STAAR Shirt or Holmquist Shirt

Tuesday, May 10th

EDC 161

STAAR READING - Wear Jeans and Field day shirt, STAAR shirt or Holmquist Shirt

McTeacher Night at McDonalds - 5 pm - 8 pm - Please come out to support the event

Wednesday, May 11th

EDC 162


ABC Meeting - Climate Surveys

Grant Celebration at Ad Building with Ms. Cheng 3:45

ABC Meeting

SDC Meeting

Free Jeans Day for Everyone

Thursday, May 12th

EDC 163

Happy Birthday Ms. Rosa

STAAR Make Up Testing

ESL Lead/Int Meeting

ART Meeting


Friday, May 13th

EDC 159

Math Specialist Meeting


Father/Daughter Dance


Monday & Tuesday – No PLC

Wednesday – block PLC (free)

Thursday – fourth PLC (free)

Friday – third PLC (free)

June 3rd Make-Up Day

TEA did not approve the waiver, therefore June 3rd will be a make-up day for students in Alief. Alief will notify parents and I encourage to begin sharing this information with parents. I will send an email out Monday for staff members to vote on how they would like to make up the day. The options are to come in on Saturday or work extended hours during the week and until 5:30 on Friday. When you receive the email, please use the voting buttons. If you have any questions, please email me.

Staffing Plans for Next Year

Your position for next year will be finalized by next Wednesday. If your plans for remaining at Holmquist has changed, please inform me immediately or your supervisor. Informing us allows us the opportunity to hire a qualified candidate that will be a good fit for our campus and I will be able to interview candiates with the possibiltity that we will have an opening. So, please keep us inform of your plans for next year!