Hermann Goering

About Me

Personal/Family History:

Born: January 12, 1893

Died: October 15, 1946 - caused by suicide

Mother: Franziska Tiefenbrunn

Father: Heinrich Ernst Goring

Children: Edda Goring

Spouse: Emmy Goring (1935 - 1946) Cardin Goring (1923 - 1931)

Involvement in WW1:

I was a fighter pilot, a recipient of the coveted Pour le Mérite, also known as the "Blue Max". I was the last commander of Jagdgeschwader 1, the fighter wing once led by Manfred von Richthofen.

My activities in 1930s:

I helped Adolf Hitler take power in 1933. I was appointed commander-in-chief of the Luftwaffe in 1935, a position I held until the final days of World War II.

Relationship to Hitler:

Hermann Goering helped Hitler take power

Involvement in WW2:

I was appointed the job of commander in chief of the Luftwaffe in 1935, this was the position I held until the final days of World War II. I was the minister in charge of the Four Year Plan, I was responsible for the functioning of the German economy in the build up to World War II. Hitler promoted me to the rank of Reichsmarschall, a rank senior to all other Wehrmacht commanders and in 1941 Hitler designated me as his successor and deputy in all his offices.

What happened to them after WW2?

On 9 May 1945, I was captured by the American Army and put on trial at Nuremberg in 1946. I was then sentenced to death, but committed suicide in my cell in 1946.

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Check In - Captured by American Army

Wednesday, May 9th 1945 at 10am

Nuremberg, Germany

Nuremberg, BY