The Writing Games

In Search of Great Explanations

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Your mission...

Join your district to produce at least 5 podcasts to explain life as you know it.

Work in teams of 2 or 3

Your Mentors

Earn Badges for Completing Each of the 7 Challeges

The Ultimate Badge

Published Author

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No Ordinary Essay

Record a Podcast

The deadline

By Thursday, we district must complete the 7 writing challenges in order to publish.

Challenge 1: Choose and Analyze the Writing Assignment

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What Does It Mean?

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Challenge 2: Blast Off with Brainstorming Big and Little Ideas

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Challenge 3: Get Your Thoughts Organized

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Challenge 4: Elaborate to Elevate

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Can you find the strategy?

Look at your own paper. How many H/W CAFE strategies are in your paper?

What can you add?

Let's Get Feedback!

“_________ is very effective because _________.”

“I really liked the way you _________ because _________.”

“In this part, I think you used a lot of good _________.”

“My favorite part was _________ because _________.”

“This was really fun to read because _________.”

Ask the Writer a Question

“I am not sure I understand this part that I underlined because _________. What else could you tell me?”

“In this paragraph, I need more information about _________.” What could you add?

“I do not see how this idea relates to your thesis because _________.” Why did you include it?“

“This part was not clear because _________. Would you tell me more about _________?”

“Why did you say _________? What does it have to do with _________?”

Challenge 5: Whose Voice Is It?

"Anyone, anyone" teacher from Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Challenge 6: How Do You Sound?

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Challenge 7: Polish and Publish






Let's Practice and Record

Practice reading your essay.


  1. Who will read the beginning?
  2. Who will read the middle?
  3. Who will read the end?

When you have it down perfect, you are ready to record.

Love is an open door - Hans and Anna FROZEN SOUNDTRACK (LYRICS)
Pharrell Williams Happy (Karaoke)
Taylor Swift - Shake It Off (Karaoke Version)
Frozen - Let It Go (Idina Menzel) (Karaoke Version)
Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk (Karaoke Version)