Use Technology to Build Vocabulary

Some of the best web tools to teach vocabulary

Gamify Student Vocabulary

You can create any type of Quizizz to use with your content, add images and more, and it is very user friendly. It is another tool that is not content specific so it is adaptable to any area. You are able to search created quiz content and/or create your own. Self-paced for more engaged student learning.

Connected to Google Classroom so very easy to assign as classwork or homework.

Intuitive interface and flexible review features bring the best of paper flashcards to convenient digital form. Features for uploading and reviewing flashcard sets are limited on the app and better supported on the Quizlet website. Use Quizlet to share flashcard sets with students, or ask students to generate their own flashcard sets for individual or small-group review prior to assessments.

Connects to Google Classroom

Quizalize is a newer quiz game platform that reminds me of Kahoot. Like Kahoot, students play your quiz games on their laptops or tablets by going to the Quizalize website then entering their names and a class code. Students are awarded points for correctly answering questions quickly. Students are given feedback instantly on every quiz question that they answer. A total score is presented to students at the end of every quiz.
Quizalize Introduction Video

Vocabulary Apps