Teaching someone guitar

Ben Parks

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Impact on myself and others...

This project doesn't have an impact on people that aren't willing to work for it. If you are willing to work, it can have many positive impacts on your life. Some of these include: increased discipline, it teaches perseverance, and it teaches muscle memory

Some of the impacts that I have encountered have been increased skills in creating a lesson plan and further understanding of the lessons that I have created.

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Information on this topic

I have been playing guitar for upwards of 10 years and I wanted to try teaching Danny guitar. So far this quarter, I have written 3 lessons that have the information needed to learn the basics of guitar, from strings, frets, tuning, and different ways of picking to strumming basic chords.

Why I chose this project

I have been playing guitar for years and I believe it has many benefited me in many ways, such as increased muscle memory, it increases memory capacity, and it increases one's discipline. I believe that these skills can be increased by anyone who takes the time to master an instrument.
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Challenges I have faced so far

There have only been a few challenges so far, and they are: coming up with content that builds off of previous lessons without skipping any important information, and getting together outside of school to practice. Coming up with lessons that build off of previous ones that don't incorporate more information than I want is very difficult because everything is related on the guitar. It all has to be learned but I want to pick what will be easiest to learn straight from previous lessons to maximize efficiency. Getting together outside of school is how Danny and I have to do this because we have different hours since the start of this project, so bringing in a guitar to school isn't an option.
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Moving Forward: Expectations for May...

By the time May rolls around, I am looking forward to seeing how much Danny has improved as a musician. I am expecting him to play 2 songs and 5 chords.
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