Did containment of communism work?

Yes it did work and I'll explain how it did.

What is communism?

Communism is when there is no social class and everyone is equal and have the same things such like checks, homes, and anything really. Also no one owns anything, everything is owned by the government, no free choices of a job you want and if there is then it wouldn't matter how hard you worked cause you'll just get the same pay as everyone else.

Where it began/ Mao Zedong

It all began with one man and his name was Mao Zedong and Mao grew up as a farmer but had enough Money to go to school and he didn't like the being poor thing nor being treated like a low class of a person so when he was older he started studying communism at Beijing university then he became a member of the CCP (Chinese communist party) then he became the ruler of leader of china by leading his army of 100,000 and changing everything.

The events that lead to the spread of communism in china

The long march

The long match is when Mao was forced out of the city by a nationalist party, he and his red army traveled from the south then around the west and then up north while this long travel he lost 93,000 of his 100,000 men but as he was in his journey he gain support from the farmers and people he went by which gave him enough power to go back Into china and defeat the nationalist party and making china into a communist country.

Korean War

The purpose of the Korean War was to help South Korea push back the North Koreans that were communist and we're trying to get all of Korea into a communist country. So the U.S helped push back the north and got them to their capital city when out of no where the chines came to help the moth and pushed us back to the South Korean capital and then we went to push them back and then they pushed us back but stopped at the border between the two countries and there is when they decided to stop fighting and just end it at the 38th parallel so no one got anywhere but the U.S did contain communism back over in the north.

Vietnam war

The Vietnam war was the same purpose to go in and contain or stop the communism and the south needed help again so we went in there to try to help the south from being turned into a communist country from the north. The reason we went in there was the fear of the domino theory that of one country was communist them the others around will fall like dominos and turn communist. The north used guerrilla tactics to attack us and ambush us, they also used the ho chi Minh trail to go from the north to the south and used that to get to us. With that trail they also had access to other countries nearby that would be turned into communist which is why the trail helped the north spread the communism that they wanted to share or spread. Eventually we got out of Vietnam cause the citizens of the U.S we're liking it and we weren't getting anywhere so when we pulled out the North went over and took the south and made it a communist country out of it.

My opinion on the containment of communism.

I would say that the containment did work, so what we lost the Vietnam war we still contained the Korean War. There is about 196 countries I'm the world and from all of those countries only 5 are communist today, back then there was like 15 but we did a good job of containing it that now there is only 5. Another thing is that majority of those countries are one the other side of the world so we manages to keep the communism over there and not nearby, but we do have one country close by but so far that one and the others haven't tried anything in the past 50 to 60 years so I would say that we contained it.