The Secret Prophecy

by Herbie Breman

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Edward Michael Goverton (Em) has found his father dead on morning.Strange men had shown up at his funeral, and started following him Em.Em goes to Paris with Charlotte ( his dads friends daughter) and Em notices a certain guy on the train. It was the guy with the gun at his dads funeral. So far everywhere Em went the guy followed Them.

Rising Action

Em had just noticed that he as being followed when they reached Paris.Em's mother gets put in a Mental hospital while he is in paris. Em goes and visits his mother in the hospital and the figire out how his father was killed. Ems father was killed from a posioned grape he ate them the night before he was killed. Em discovers that the man that was following him killed his father, and now they're after him!


Em discovers that the man that was following him killed his father, and now they're after him! Em goes to the Salvation Army shelter so he can rest and where he becomes friends with a homeless guy Victor.Em Finds out quickly that Victor is part of the Section 7 ( a british govenment agency) Ever thing was going smoothly untill the man that was following him in france came looking for him and he has been on run since. A secret group called the Kings of Themis are trying to take Em and take over the worlds government so the will have control all the world powers and take over the world. They start to kill people the make the world a better place so they fist use death flu's and britan panicks and everyone starts to leave and comes to america.(and thats why immagrants came)

Falling action

Em goes to the factory where they Vanccine and he stopped them from being made while he learned information and his father's death.Em is now not sure if the Kings of Themis and really bad and if the Section 7 is actually the good guys.Em finds out that his father was actually a secret agent working for the section 7 also and he was killed because he disagreed with the Kings of Themis and they didnt like that at all.


Em's mother gets out of the mental hospital and they are still sad about Em's father but it gets better.Em stills goes on missions with Vitcor and they travel around the world and Em finally gets to come to the U.S. And Charlotte comes with them and Em gets more attracted to the prochecys just like his dad.