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What's Perseverance?

Perseverance is the continued effort to achieve a goal even though there are many adversities along the way. Some people are unsuccessful because they don't have the necessary things to help achieve their goal. The major one is confidence. You have to know that you are going to achieve this and then put the effort in to do so. Also, family and friends are very important in this task. You need people who are going to be there for you and support you positively along the way.

What can we learn from the perseverance of others to help us overcome our own adversity in today's world.

I think we can learn many things from watching others achieve their goal and overcome adversities. One thing is learning what to do and what not to do along the way. Also, I think watching people like our role models will give us more confidence in ourselves knowing we can do the same and achieve our goal.

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Carry On

Compare and Contrast

In the video, “Carry On,” two boys have a very unique difference than others. Leroy and Dartanyon are like brothers to each other and that’s what you would think when you first see them. Although, they are not brothers. Leroy, got hit by a train and lost both of his legs. Dartanyon was born blind. They both have disabilities however, Dartanyon was born with it and Leroy was not. Yet they did high school wrestling together and cheered each other on in every match. Even with bumps in the road, they persevered in life. One of the hardest things was the fact that both of them didn’t have a strong parent figure. Dartanyon’s mom died when he was very little and his dad is an alcoholic. Similar to Leroy, his parents weren't around very much. They are both African American as well as they live in a bad neighborhood. Another way they are alike, is they both shared a similar goal to go to college even though there wasn’t much of a future from where they came from.

Never Give Up

Problem and Solution

In this video, Nick is giving a speech to a group of students. He has no arms and no legs. Nick is living a struggle but still manages to get through it day by day. Imagine tying your limbs behind you and trying to to do everyday things. That what Nick does, but for his whole life. People judged and teased him by the way he looked. Therefore, he changed to be like everyone else. People drink, so he decides to drink, people swear, so he decides to swear because those are the “cool” things to do and he wanted to fit it. As he became older, people told he he couldn’t do this and he couldn’t do that because he had no arms or legs. As a result, he became sad and fell into a depression. As a child, Nick had many unanswered question asking why, starting to think he had no place in this world. His speech is to tell the students that they are something and they have a greatness in them. His message was to not let others tell you what to do and to be yourself, don’t go along with the crowd.

Loosing To Win

Problem and Solution

In this video, there are many problems with one solution. Each of these girls have had bumps in the road, but now they are heading toward greatness and reaching the goal of overcoming their adversities. One problem, was Jordan’s situation. Her mom is an alcoholic and has been in and out of her life. She was drinking when she was pregnant with Jordan and as she got older it continued so her husband kicked her out. Another problem is Kaylas story. She ran away from home because her parents were abusing drugs and so was she. Kayla had many rough nights where she didn’t want to go home so she slept at a park or on a trampoline. Now, she is living with her friend and her friend's mother. Haley is another girl at the academy and she didn’t have a father in her life so she just lives with her mother. She has a bipolar disorder and the biggest problem is anger management. Another girl did marijuana when she was only 8. All of these girls have had very difficult adversities and I bet they are way worse than what we think is a problem. The solution to all of these girls problems, is Carroll Academy. At this academy, the girls get daily school lessons and are required to play a sport, which is basketball. As these girls continued to play, they rarely won a game. Although, this taught them many life lessons and grew them closer and closer into a family. Their coach helped them the most because he pushed them and taught them to be a better person. Some of the girls left the academy, and went back to real school. The rest of the girls are still learning a little bit, but are on their way to greatness.

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