A Little Bit Scary

By Lauren Raskin

You might think that Sir Wibbles is a little bit scary but...

  • He is big and cuddly so he likes to give hugs.
  • He makes big holes in the ground so that people can plant trees and bushes in the ground.
  • He loves to help the envierment.

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Good Deeds

Sir Wibbles helped people plant trees and bushes.He loved this so much that he started to plant trees by himself. Sir Wibbles also likes making homes for people. He volanterd to help people build homes for animals.


Sir Wibbles has 2 brothers and 2 sisters. There is Slimy, Cuddly, Sleepy and George. George and Slimy both love football,so they play it all the time. Sleepy dosn't do much, she just sleeps. All Cuddley wants to is cuddle.


Sir Wibbles loves to play football. He loves to play it with his 2 brothers, George and Slimy. Although he plays this he is not competitive. He also plays chess, soccer, and rides!

Sir Wibbles favorite things