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May 4, 2015

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Where is Alyson this week?

My schedule for this week is below. Notice I will be in training on Thursday and Friday. (CES and JNES teachers, You are welcome to email me for special appointments if you need to meet this week.)

  • Monday- Central Office
  • Tuesday- Athens Elementary
  • Wednesday- Brookhill Elementary
  • Thursday- Cowart Elementary
  • Friday- Apple Strategic Planning Day

*Julian Newman Teachers- I will be in training on Friday. Please let me know if you'd like to schedule a time to work together!

Professional Learning:

  • Wednesday- iPad 101
  • Thursday- Power Tools for Guiding Instruction K6
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Power Tools for Guiding Instruction


Lino-It is an online tool (and free app) that works very much like Padlet. Teachers and students can create digital bulletin boards with notes that look like actual "sticky notes."

This tool would work great for several different types of formative assessments:

  • Entry or Exit Tickets
  • Assessing Background Knowledge
  • Think-Pair-Share a sticky
  • Backchannel (cures the "hand always raised" syndrome and allows for all voices in activities such as Socratic Seminars)

Below is an example wall from our "Power Tools" session last week. Feel free to add your ideas to it!

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Power Tools for Guiding Instruction Session #1

If you were unable to attend the formative assessment session last week but would like to browse the resources, a link to the presentation is below. If you see something you'd like help in trying out, I'd love to come in and work with you!
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Athens City Schools Elementary Tech Integration


Great things are happening in Athens City Elementary Schools! iPads are becoming an embedded and integral part of teaching and learning. It is exciting to see students communicating, collaborating, and creating!

Check out a few examples from this week:

Green Screen Time at BES!

BES students (along with their media and technology specialists) learned a lot about how to use a green screen and green screen app to create unique videos this week. Each of our elementary schools is the proud owner of a green screen--- how can we use the one in your school?? I would love to show you how to get started!

We used the Veescope Live app-- Try it for free:

BES End of Year News

Teachers Have Fun Learning Too!

Kindergarten and 1st Grade teachers at Newman made the most of technology PD this week. Check out the creativity and fun of first grade teachers using the Sock Puppets app below!
first grade

ACS Actress Honored

Stella Whitt, JNES 2nd grader, was nominated this week for Best Actress in a Motion Picture for the 2nd Annual JetsPress Awards (The Johnnys) for her role in one of their movies. The JetsPress team showed up in full force Friday to present our young actress with her nomination. Congrats and Good Luck, Stella!
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Social Media- Learning & Sharing in Athens City!

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