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January 28, 2016

Big Week Ahead!

Next week is our annual Catholic Schools Week celebration. We take the time to celebrate our community through different events and activities. Please plan to participate in all that you can to help us have a fun and festive week. More information about the days and events can be found in this newsletter.

With the advent of cold, flu, and allergy season, please consider the following:
1) If you have any facial tissue available, please send as many boxes as you can with your child. Our supplies have been depleted already by the number of stuffy noses we've had this year.

2) DO NOT send your child to school if he/she is unable to comfortably handle their symptoms for the day. If their head hurts, nose is running, and their coughing interferes with their normal activities, they are not going to have a good day here, and they could be spreading their germs to everyone else.

3) Children must be FEVER FREE WITHOUT THE USE OF FEVER REDUCERS for 24 hours before returning to school - this is for their well-being as well as their classmates'.

4) If your child has been sent home from school due to illness, please discuss with the front office whether or not he/she is ready to come back the next day before sending your child to school.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping keep our environment healthy.

If there is anything we can do for you, please let us know!

-Amy Malinowski

Catholic Schools Week 2016

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Sunday - January 31st

We Celebrate our Parish

  • Come with your students dressed in school uniform to the 9am Mass at Our Mother of Mercy Catholic School.

  • Join us for breakfast and open house at the school from 10:30am-12noon.

  • Invite friends and family looking for a great place to call their school.

Monday - February 1st

We Celebrate our Faculty, Staff, & Volunteers

  • Send in a note of gratitude to your child’s teachers, staff, cafeteria workers, secretary, and administrators. They will appreciate your heartfelt thoughts.

Tuesday - February 2nd

We Celebrate our Parents

  • Be ready for a surprise when you drop off in the morning. Your child will deliver a special treat to your car, so don’t rush off!

Wednesday - February 3rd

We Celebrate our Students

  • Your students will share with you at the end of the day how we made them feel special. Make sure to ask them how their day went!

Thursday - February 4th

We Celebrate our Community

  • We are inviting our local community servants to join us for a prayer breakfast. Our students will serve them breakfast and lead them in a prayer for their protection and safety as they serve our community.

Friday - February 5th

We Celebrate Religious Vocations

  • Our students will get to hear about listening to God’s call on their life and how to respond with our special guests after Mass.

  • Early dismissal at 12:30 - No Afterschool Care

Important Dates to Remember

January 31-February 6

February 1-10

  • Valentine-gram Sales - Delivery on February 12th

February 5

  • Early Dismissal at 12:30 - No Afterschool Care

February 9

  • PTO Meeting - Special presentation from Nolan and Cassata High School. Middle school families are strongly recommended to attend.

February 10

  • Ash Wednesday Mass at 9am

February 11

  • 7th & 8th Grade NET Retreat at St. Peter the Apostle

February 12

  • Valentine-gram Delivery
  • Valentine's Party and Dance - More information coming soon.

February 19

  • Teacher Inservice - NO SCHOOL

February 27

  • Women and Young Ladies' Breakfast - More information coming soon.

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