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Science news innit!

GCSE's in full swing

Hi guys,

Please ensure that you have had a look at the exam timetables for the exams, we lose year eleven sessions left, right and centre over the next few weeks. Alongside this, there are new days for revision. Your groups will be a little bigger as we have a couple of additional students to add in for intervention. Please use the books with exam questions and focus on long answer questions and the use of key words to answer questions. Any questions please let me know, I will set out the dates for the P6 below.

Once again, thanks for all of your hard work,


Coursework - anyone still outstanding? Let me know ASAP as inputting data this week.

MTP's for new SOL

I will be introducing the new MTP information to you during our meeting on Thursday . PE folk, these will be handed out by Vicky later on this week. We will be required to complete them and include the information on which literacy focus will be allocated to each term.


Round two of the observations will be completed over the next two terms. If you have anything that you would like to discuss / work on beforehand, please come and see me.

DfE and Unlocking potential residentials happening this weekend and next week, you may be missing some kids!