Finally Spring!

Time for Parasite Prevention

Fleas, Ticks, Mosquitos- Oh My!

Keep your dog and cat companions healthy through simple and safe parasite prevention. Diseases like heartworm and Lyme can cause serious health problems. Intestinal parasites and tick borne illnesses can not only affect your dog and cat, but can affect your family as well.


Dogs and cats should have fecal samples tested twice yearly for the presence of intestinal parasites. Dogs should be tested annually for heartworm and should be on year round prevention with Heartgard Plus. Heartgard Plus also prevents two common intestinal parasites. For flea and tick prevention, Frontline is an safe and easy topical. Nexgard also prevents ticks and fleas and is available as a chew if you want to avoid topical application. For cats, we recommend Revolution. A an easy one step topical to protect your kitty from fleas, heartworm and intestinal parasites.

Amherst Small Animal Hospital

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