Outcasts United


when people of different ethnicity, class, or religion are facing a common enemy they will come together to face it.


The town of Clarkson was once a little nice town, a suburb of Georgia and a little population of around 4,000. Then in the 90s Clarkson was recognized as a town for resettlement program where the government would place huge amounts of refugees who are seeking asylum in the us can go so from 1980 to 2000 the population of Clarkson went from around 4,000 to 8,000
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Around the 90s the huge amount of refuges coming their made the crime of the town subsequently go up with the rest of Georgia's suburbs in turn making Clarkson look like a bad town. At the same time a woman named Luma who was from a war torn country was just out of collage and started coaching little league girls soccer in a town not far from Clarkson.
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The white people of Clarkson won have always lived their did not like the immigrants because they did not speak the same language have the same costumes and also they brought crime with them too. Also a lot of the immigrants didn't like each other ether because a lot of them had different religions, cultures, and ethnicity's.
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One day Luma is driving and discovers Clarkson. She likes it because the people and stores around her remind her of her home country. There she sees some boys playing soccer and has empathy for them and decides to quit coaching soccer for the little girls and couch the boy in Clarkson because nobody seems to be helping them.


Luma has strict rules about her team and is a very tough coach because she doesn't want them to go join gangs. She makes them study for school so the succeed their she makes them become friends with all the different cultures and ethnicity's and she them be respectful in general. She makes them come together against the people who abuse their rights and are mean to them in the town. She coaches 3 teams of all different age groups every day of the week for no pay.
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At the start of the season her little league or the under 13s were talking back and not listening to Luma. The middle league or the under 15s were not listening and were were fighting with her. Half of them quit also. So they had to hold tryouts 1 game in the season where only 6 of the players had played with each other before against player that played with each other for years. The varsity league or under 17s were the only team that was sort of well off.

Come together

Even Though Her teams are faced with these challenges they come together against the common enemy AKA the other team the rich white side of town and the gangs in their city.