Rice University

Houston, Texas


There are no specific classes or scores for the SAT or ACT to be admitted into Rice University. However, it is required that students graduated on the recommended plan in high school. The application fee is 75 dollars. The admissions office can be reached by phone at 1-713-348-RICE (7423).

Campus Visits and Housing

Academic Costs

The annual tuition for Rice University is 38,250 dollars. The annual fees total up to be 680 dollars and the price of books and supplies is estimated to be 800 dollars.


One of the academic forms can be downloaded online. A written essay must be submitted and the student must be in high school to be eligible.

AP Credit

A score of 4 or 5 on an AP exam will usually earn the student credit for a course at Rice University. To receive credit for a dual enrolled class a student must prove that the class has an equivalent at Rice University and obtain a document signed by the Documental Credit Transfer Advisor stating that the class will be accepted by Rice University.

Residential Colleges

All incoming freshmen are assigned to a residential college upon admission to Rice University. The student will belong to their particular college as long as they are enrolled in Rice University.

Little Shop of Horrors

Thursday, April 17th, 8pm

Hamman Hall

The Rice University theatre department is preforming Little Shop Of Horrors. Admission for students is five dollars for students and 10 dollars for adults.