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Crestomere School - Grade One - January Newsletter

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Thank you!

I just wanted to express my thanks for all the wonderful gifts and cards I received for Christmas. The thoughts and generous acts of kindness were beyond considerate! I truly love coming each day to be with your child and allow them the opportunity to grow, develop, and be a kid at heart. I love them dearly, so thank you :)

Happy New Year!

Welcome back from the nice long Christmas break! Hopefully everyone had a chance to be with family and friends and enjoy some down time to just relax. I am super excited to be back with the students and to see their bright and smiling faces!

Now that we are getting back into the swing of the school routine, I would like to welcome the students to the land of the penguins! It's cold out so we will be focusing on learning more about our little tuxedo friends! We will be wrapping up the month by watching the March of the Penguins movie! Should make for a fun time :)

In order to succeed, you must first believe that you can!

Important Dates

Monday, January 4th: Back to School from Christmas Holidays!

Tuesday, January 5th: Happy Birthday To Tyler!

Tuesday, January 12th: January book order is due **Please see info below**

Wednesday, January 13th: Hot dog hot lunch day

Thursday, January 14th: School Council Meeting @ 6:30 p.m.

Wednesday, January 20th: Alberta Opera performance

Thursday, January 21st: Parent Teacher Conferences 3 - 8 p.m.

Friday, January 22nd: PD Day - No school for students

Thursday, January 28th: Soup & Bun hot lunch day

We have an EA in our class!

As you may or may not know, Sharon Kemski (Mrs. Kemski) will be assisting in our class for remainder of the school year. She is the sweetest person and a great addition to our classroom! We are very lucky to have her :)

Some general notes!


As we are half way through the school year, I will be asking the students to check their own agendas every morning for notes and things being sent back. If you are sending something in the agenda, please tell your child to show me when they come to school. I know this will take time, but I am hoping we will have this skill mastered by the time we reach June.

If there is something urgent, please send me a Remind or email. TIA!

Parent volunteers for the month of January

A Google form will be coming out for volunteering options for January. Please stay tuned! :)

Book Order

January's book order is due on Tuesday, January 12th. (No more cash please - please see info below)


Check out the info from the school newsletter below! We are going completely paperless.

For our classroom, this means that we will be doing all hot lunch payments online. **Please ensure you still send the form back so I know the details of the order and that you paid online.

For our book orders, we will be accepting online parent payments and cheques from now on.

Thank you for your co-operation :)

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Those are some nice Christmas sweaters!

Weekends with Melvin!

We will be continuing to have Melvin come home with each of the students. Please make sure Melvin is taken care of and does not go outside! We want to keep Melvin clean :) Please help your child write in Melvin's journal and make sure they draw a picture to support their writing!

Cheering at the Dodgeball Finals!

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What's coming for the month of January...

Language - Word Study

For the month of January, we will be continuing with SMART start to build our word recognition. We will also be looking at using text to help our writing. We will be using the theme words as well as our new penguin words in our dictionaries to help our writing.

Language - Reading

For the month of January, we will be continuing with blends and segmenting words. I will be sending home an outline of blends we will be working on using the SMART start program. We will also be focusing on characters and how they are portrayed in stories.

Language - Writing

For writing, we will be using 3 letter words to write sentences. As part of sentence writing, students are expected to be able to write sentences using common words as well as draw a picture to match their sentences. We will be continuing to do free writing and talking about adding details!

And . . we will be starting with story writing! We will be writing short fiction stories looking at the beginning, middle, and end. This will be great as we will be connecting our penguin theme to our writing!


We have moved on and are now focusing on adding to 12 and skip counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's. We will be doing Math games and activities to practice these skills :) So far, we have learned the counting on and making 10 strategies. We will also be looking at adding doubles and doubles plus one. We will be using 10 frames, manipulatives, and cards to reinforce these strategies.

We will be using these skills to move on to subtracting to 12 starting in mid January :)

Science & Social Studies

Working with our penguin theme, we will be looking at the seasonal changes in winter and how it compares to fall. We will also be looking at our 5 senses this month! Should be a great time :)

For Social Studies, we are continuing with weekly class meetings to help promote positive friendships while at school. I will be encouraging the students to work on solving problems on their own and using their words to describe how they are feeling.

Health & Life Skills

For health in the next couple months, we will be relating our daily work to working cooperatively in groups and also having good stamina when it comes to working on certain tasks independently.

AR Testing

We will be starting AR testing this month! Students will be reading an AR book from the library and will take an AR test to test their comprehension. Students can only take AR tests at school and not at home. I will be meeting with each student to make a monthly goal and we will work toward it for the month. I will also be sending home a progress report for each student so you are aware of their test scores. Our goal is to have the students getting at least 85% on each test.

To help make this successful, I need your help! Please make sure your child can spell their last name and type it into an iPad or iPhone. This is crucial for AR and saves a lot of time! I will be sending home each username and password so the students can practice. Thank you very much for helping your child with this!

Home Reading Program

I am hoping the home reading program is going well so far! The intention with this program is to help your child be exposed to reading on DAILY basis as a support to what we are doing at school :)

I completely understand life is hectic and it's not always possible, but please try your best to have your child read their book. Also know that books that you read at home can be adding to the home reading log. But please know that the reading log is meant for books that your child can read ON THEIR OWN (with minimal support and not books that you read to them). Also, please have them write the names of the books on their log on their own! It's great printing practice :)

Please be aware that these books I am sending home are books that I have purchased myself and have cost me a great deal of money. Because I want to keep track of them, I will not send another book home until the forgotten book is returned. Even if your child did not have time to read a book, please ensure you send it back so I know it is not lost.

The students will continue to bring home one book weekly that you can read to them.

Please take a look at this image below :)

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Wanting more info on our Math Strategies?

Here are some great videos that explain some of our main addition strategies! I will be sending you some for subtraction when the time comes :)

Counting On:


Making 10:




Doubles Plus One:


Polar Express Day!

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Parent Section :) FYI!

December Review ...

Want to make sure your child is on track? Please help ensure your child can successfully do the following on their own:

-beginning addition language (definition of addition and language used)

-recognize and print numbers to 20

-can describe the counting on and make 10 addition strategy

-write 2 simple sentences (for example - I can see a cat.) using the smiley sentences checklist!

-can recognize and create rhyming word pairs (eg. cat and hat)

-can do free writing on their own! (writing about anything and can draw a picture to support it)

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Santa Letters were a HIGHLIGHT!

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