Media Center News

March 2016

Maker Spaces

The new trend in media centers is to create "Maker Spaces". They are basically centers or activities that foster learning, creativity and exploration. We have 2 maker spaces in the media center. Students are creating a digital storybook about people they know and their experiences on 9/11. The students need to interview a family member or friend and either take a picture or create a video to upload to our storybook. Prior to coming, they need to check with the media center staff to see if the computer is available. The other maker space is a giant United States puzzle.

Over the last two weeks students have been competing in small groups to see who can build the highest structure. However, they are not be using brick or wood, but spaghetti noodles and marshmallows. It has been interesting!

Students can come to the Media Center in small groups (no more than 3) at any time during the school day to use the maker spaces.

Sharon Maddox Memorial Books

Sharon Maddox Fund

Thanks to the wonderful teachers and staff who helped raise money for the Sharon Maddox fund, we now have a large shipment of new books. Sharon Maddox was the reading specialist at MCMS for many years who passed away in 2012. All of the books have a name plate in the front with a picture of the dragonfly on Sharon's bench as well as her name. Of course we have some new picture books (Sharon loved a good picture book), but we also have some new and exciting titles chapter books as well. Some of my favorites include The Cart that Carried Martin, The Boy Who Fell Off the Mayflower, The Sweetest Fig, and Tucky Jo and Little Heart.

We also have several new series: The Lunar Chronicles that gives a new dystopian take on an old fairy tale; Thor, Tales of Asgard that are graphic novels about the Viking god, Thor: a new Star Wars series; Allies and Assassins about murder and betrayal in a fictional medieval kingdom.

Come by and check one out!

Scholastic Book Fair

Monday, April 4th, 7:45am to Friday, April 8th, 3:30pm

In the Media Center or at

The Scholastic Book Fair is coming! All classes will come with their reading teacher or their team. Since students will not be allowed to come in the morning, please allow them to come through out the day or at lunch to make purchases. Remember that if you spend $10.00 you will enter a drawing for $10.00 worth of books! I hope to see you there!