Ad Astra per Aspera

Chapter 5

Kansas becomes the 34th state

Kansas becomes a state on January 29, 1861. The daily conservative was the first newspaper to have the story. After Kansas became a state a large drought took place, and minimized crop production. Topeka is the capital city of Kansas.

Kansan's at war

When the Civil War started, Kansas had about 30,000 men between the ages of 18 and 45. African Americans could not serve in the union army. Four hundred men rode in to Lawrence on horse back during the Lawrence raid. Kansas was the first state in the union to enlist African Americans as soldiers.

The Civil War comes to Kansas

Tensions in Kansas and Missouri remained high. Many raids took place between states. The Lawrence raid was a very big raid. At least 140 men had died four hours after the raid.

Frontier forts in Kansas

The army built forts in the frontier. The role in the army changed again. When the war broke out many soldiers stationed in the east.

Tensions Increase

Forts were established to asset control. Indians thought Medicine Lodge was a sacred place. But Medicine Lodge didn't have any healing powers. General Sterling price wanted to capture the state for the south, and the state militia thought it was an invasion.

The End of the Frontier

The legislative had given chapters to 51 railroad companies. During the Civil War, President Lincoln approved the Pacific Railroad Bill. Three feeder lines were authorized to be built in Kansas.

Julia Louisa Lovejoy

Her family moved to Kansas, and her husband was a minister. They came to help Kansas become a free state. Her husband enlisted in the army.

Buffalo Soldiers

In Kansas, these buffalo soldiers were given the job of evicting squatters who attempted to settle on the Indian land. They served in segregated regiments, under the command of white officers, in two black cavalry units.