Chavez Movement

By: Viridiana Vidal-vela

farm workers

In 1962 Cesar founded the National Farm Workers Association later to became the United Farm Workers. In 1970 the United Farm Workers got grape growers to accept union contracts and had effectively organized most of that industry at one point in the time claiming 50,000 dues paying members.
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The fast

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Many events precipitated the fast especially the terrible suffering of the farm workers and their children the crushing of farm worker rights the dangers of pesticides and the denial of fair and free elections.
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La Causa " A Cause"

it was beginning of la causa a cause that was supported by organized labor religious groups and minorities,and students. Cesar had the foresight to train his union workers and then to send many of them into the cities.
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Cesar continued

Cesar said about The fast is alsoan act of penance for those in positions of moral authority and for all men and women activists who know what is right and just and who know that they could and should do more.

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The fast is finally a declaration of non-cooperation with supermarkets who promote and sell and profit from California table grapes. During the past few years I have been studying the plague of pesticides on our land and our food.This solution to this deadly crisis will not be found in the arrogance of the powerful, but in solidarity with the weak and helpless. I pray to God that this fast will be a preparation for a multitude of simple deeds for justice. Carried out by men and women whose hearts are focused on the suffering of the poor and who yearn, with us, for a better world. Together and all things are possible.

5 Mejor Facts

1.In 20th century social activism, one name stands out from the rest who made an influence on American society "Cesar Chavez"

2. his campaigns for workers rights especially farm workers

3. Chavez demanded equal rights & demanded that migrant workers be legal workers

4.When Chavez was fighting for workers’ rights, it was at a time when DDT was being extensively used.

5. Workers were even being sprayed while working in the fields. He helped secure the first contract that prohibited DDT use and even fasted for 36 days at one point to protest how many pesticides were being used on grapes.

why i chose this ?

i chose this because i care about hispanic people and i want everybody to be equal