The Song Dynasty

By Aidan Graham and Ismaeel Ibrahim


The Song dynasty had a very strong economy. They set up market places along the border to encourage trade with neighbors. They also set up partnerships and companies. The Song developed water transport with canals. Also, sea trade was more active than land trade. The Song sent their ships all over the Indian Sea. They used paper currency.


  • Sliver
  • Horses for the army
  • Camel
  • Indian Persian cotton cloth,gems, incense (smelly candles),perfumes
  • Southeast Asia: pepper and fragrant wood

  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Swords
  • Silk
  • Ceramics

Some of the occupations were artisans and Merchants and ship builders. Farming was a popular occupation because they had new ways to farm. Also engineers made advances in military technology so that military would be much stronger. They traded with inner Asia and further west across the large deserts. The Song Dynasty traded with Arabs and Indians. For their sea trade they traded with Korea and Japan.


The politics in the song Dynasty were Good and served the people well.The way the song came to power was at the end of the Tang dynasty;their was the five dynasties it was a chaotic, violent time because of many rebellions,civil wars and having barbarians attacking from the north.But in the midst of the wars and rebellions the song conquered all with their ruthless leader Sung T'ai Tsu a seized control of ancient china.During the song's rein they created the civil service exam an exam which if you passed you could become part of the goverment and deacreased the amont of land the chinese had.There were many emperors in the song dynasty here are a few Liu Yu, liu yi fu and suchen. The way the song lost control of china was:

  • They didnt pay attention to what was happenig to their borders
  • became corrupt
  • And when lost control of the north they moved into the south were the new capital was conquerd by barbarians
That is how the song rose and fell as a dynasty.

Religon,Culture,Social life

The people in the Song dynasty had a very active life. Many of them were part of social clubs. Schools and temples were for religious services and education. The Song government was very kind. They provided retirement homes. Also, they had clinics and postal services. Women had all the power at home and owned small businesses. Restaurants and bathhouses had hot and cold water.

The Song people participated in Social Clubs, including:

  • Pottery
  • Tea
  • Fitness
  • Fishing
  • Chorus
  • Horse lovers

Children were highly valued and your family came before your self. The religion that the song dynasty believed in was Neo-Confucisium which is various of strands of Confucianism broken of in different types like Christianity it broke off into different types like Baptist, Lutheran and Catholic. Neo-Confucisium focuses on the teachings of a great philosopher confucisiusm who wrote how a family or government should be run.They also created grand silk and textiles for clothes.Another thing they did was invented plates of what we call china today

Inventions,Technology,Science and architecture

The Song were strong in Inventions,Technology,Science and architecture. They developed new strains of rice and better irrigation. They mass produced books by carving words and pictures into a wooden block. Then they would put ink on the block. Finally, they would press the paper onto the wooden block. The Song developed water tight bulkheads and stern mounted rudders on their ships. They perfected the compass for navigation by making it smaller. Also, they used gunpowder to make rockets, cannons, bombs and mines.

Architecture was a thriving aspect of of the song dynasty. They built new buildings like Buddhist pagodas which they used to worship their gods. And built the outer city wall of Beijing to protect their empires capitol.They also created created the Chinese roof!