Australia Balance of Power

By: Mikayla Raney

What is the size of Australia?

Australia is about 2.97 million square miles. This helps with the balance of power because a larger country is less likely to get atacked, especially if they have a good armed forces, like how America.

What is the population of Australia?

in Australia, there is currently about 23.13 million people. This helps with the balance of power because the more people there is, the more they can have in their armed forces, making that country more and more protective.

How well educated is Australia?

The education in Australia in very similar to the way we have it here in the US. They have private school and public schools. Then they also have primary education, secondary education, and tertiary education. Over 72% of people aged 15 to 64 in Australia have a paid job. Having a good education is important for finding a job. Which also is good for the balance of power because if most of your country is well educated, then good decisions will be made all together.

How large and well equipped is Australia's Armed Forces?

The Australian Defense Force (ADF) is the military organization responsible for the defense of Australia. It consists of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), Australian Army, Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and a number of 'tri-service' units. The ADF consist of just over 80,000 people. The armed forces is very important when it comes to balance of power no matter what country you are talking about. I think that the armed forces in Australia is very good because we don't hear about any attacks going on there and also they have a lot of people in their armed forces for the size of Australia.

What is Australia's physical features?

The Eastern Highlands region of Australia is the highest part of Australia, being a series of hills, mountains and plateau. This area is also known as the Great Dividing Range, which is further subdivided into smaller ranges. These smaller ranges include the New England Plateau, the Australian Alps, the Snowy Mountains, the Blue Mountains and the Grampian Mountains.There is also many deserts, which include the Simpson Desert, the Great Victoria Desert, the Great Sandy Desert, and the Gibson Desert. Another physical feature that they have that really helps the balance of power is that the country is completely surrounded by water. Meaning they have many ways that they can get things to them and send things out, like a port.

How productive is Australia's economy?

The Australian economy is very productive. In fact, the economy has increased to 103 index points since the end of 2014. The econamy in Australia has increased a good amount of the years, making it a very productive economy.
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