Union Weekly Staff Update

Week of September 18, 2016

A Note from Jen

Many thanks to everyone for your efforts to make Friday's all school planting event a memorable and successful one! It was amazing to see the enthusiasm with which students worked to make our school even more beautiful. Trish Brimmer and Erin Kay deserve a HUGE THANKS for coordinating this massive undertaking. It is their passion, vision, and attention to detail that have made an impact on this campus that will last for years to come! It has been truly a joy to watch their big ideas take shape. This week, the benches will be installed, so the outdoor classroom/woodland area will be complete soon.

Best wishes on a happy, healthy week!

This Week's Events

Monday, 9/19-

  • 8:00, Move In CC in Conference Room- Andrus, Wetzel, Michener, Van Curen, Lockhart
  • Kay Out for INALI
  • Raycroft Out until 9:30
  • 3:40, SLO Help Session in Conference Room

Tuesday, 9/20-

  • BOY Meetings- Raycroft and Kay
  • 7:45-9:00, Flu Vaccines in Conference Room 2
  • 8:00, Student Staffing in Conference Room- Beiermann, Andrus, Van Curen, Lockhart, Raycroft
  • 8:00, HA PLC in Sharon's Room
  • 8:20, RTI PLC in Conference Room
  • 9:00, Meeting at ESC- Kay
  • 10:45-1:15, Book Fair Open
  • 3:45-4:45, Learning Walks, Focus: Learning Environments

Wednesday, 9/21-

  • BOY Meetings- Raycroft and Kay
  • Star Student Lunches-Raycroft
  • 8:00-9:00 and 3:30-4:15, Book Fair Open
  • 3:40, SLO Help Session in Conference Room

Thursday, 9/22
  • BOY Meetings- Raycroft and Kay
  • Second Grade Field Trip to Conner Prairie
  • 10:45-1:15 and 6:00-7:30, Book Fair Open
  • 6:00-7:30, Literacy Night

Friday, 9/23-
  • BOY Meetings- Raycroft and Kay
  • 8:00, 504 in Conference Room 2- Wetzel, Munley
  • 8:00, ACR in Conference Room 1- Andrus, Paunwar, Van Curen, Lockhart, Raycroft
  • 8:00-9:00, Book Fair Open
  • 6:45, PTO Movie Night- Zootopia


The drenching rain over the weekend did cause some leaking inside the building near the cafeteria. If you notice any new wet spots or soggy ceiling tiles in your space, please let Jen know ASAP.

Student Learning Objectives

As has been the schedule for the last several years, SLO data is due to be uploaded in SFS by October 1st. In order to assist in this process, Erin and I will be holding "Help Sessions" this week and next. On Monday and Wednesday after school, you are welcome to bring your student data and laptop to the Conference Room. We are happy to walk you through the process of determining student readiness levels, crunching numbers, or just navigating SFS. Come join us for low-stress, one-on-one or small group support.

Reminder re: Recess Cart

There have been some concerns as of late in regards to the Recess Cart. At the end of EVERY recess, students should be returning all balls and other equipment to the cart. The last class of the day for recess (typically 4th grade) should then bring the cart in at the end of recess. If you take your students outside and use the cart (for BAC, Fun Friday, extra recess, etc.) please be sure to return the cart to the custodial hallway. Thank you for your cooperation.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Please see the link in regards to scheduling PT Conferences. Note, that if conferences are scheduled during regular school office hours (8:00-4:30, M-F), parents will need to check in using the Safe Visitor system. Please remind them to bring their drivers' licenses.

Fall Spruce Up

What an amazing event! We had 73 STUDENTS and their families head out this afternoon to help spruce up our campus. Kids were so proud to give tours of the outdoor classroom and show where they left their mark. Thank you to Katie, Lynne, Tara, Shelly, and Angie for heading out to work with students. Your students loved seeing you in a different light :) Special thanks go out to Teresa Benavides and Trish Brimmer for coordinating such a successful event!

The winning classes (by a three way tie, all with 6 students) are Fremion, Paunwar, and Munley. Be on the lookout for reward info soon!

Grant Opportunities

ZEF Grants: Due September 19 (Creativity)