Looking for someone to fly with!

Maxine Ma Pd. 4

Who I Am

Hellooo! My name is Oliver Sykes, but you can call me Oli. I'm a seagull, in the aves class. Just so you know, I'm pretty *ahem* fly. I'm nice and warm-blooded, and my feathers can keep you warm ;), even in the winter, when it's cold. Also, not only can my beautiful wings help me fly, and my two beautiful legs allow me to walk around. SO basically, if you choose me, I can show you the amazing skyes and how great birds really can be.


I'm interested in a good-looking amphibian, I don't care what animal, but preferably a smart one. I absolutely LOVE amphibians because they go on land AND water, and being a seagull, I also visit both. But NO reptiles, I hate the disgusting dry scales, and amphibians have the oppisite: moist permeable skin. In addition, when I'm a parent, I want to have lots of babies, cause I love babies, and an amphibian wife will be about to lay thousands of small eggs. So, any single amphibian out there.... Please call me. (contact info below)