Weather Report


Large storm alerts all around the U.S

Lately, in more coastal parts of America, multiple storms have popped up around the coast and we've also spotted a large tropical storm on it's way and the predicted area of impact would be the coast of Florida heading up to Maryland. We haven't confirmed if the storm has reached the speed to classify it as a hurricane, but we'll keep monitoring it until we are sure. Meanwhile, towns between Texas and Oklahoma have seen more and more thunderstorms and even a few tornadoes. More and more tornadoes have begun to touchdown in that region than ever recorded.

Weekly Front Report

More and More Cold Fronts

In related news, more and more areas have had cold air shifts in the north. Up there it seems to be much colder and dryer, unlike the weather in the south coast right now. However, there have been some warm fronts in the south in areas such as Texas and Louisiana. The air pressure is a lot more lower here and we're definitely feeling it. Also, a cold front will be pushing out this warm and wet air very soon.