Mrs. Miller's Monday Message

May 2-6

Upcoming Dates

May 12 - 3rd Grade Field Trip to Symphony (in morning)

May 12 - Science Fair (in afternoon!)

May 16 - Classroom Auction

May 18 - Happy Birthday Colton!


Classroom Auction!!

Our classroom auction will be held on May 16th in the afternoon. If you have any donations to send in for the auction, you can start sending them now. Popular items in the past have been candy, pop, and snacks. The dollar section items at Target have been great too! I've also had families clean out miscellaneous toys, etc. and bring those in. "What one kid doesn't want, another kid loves!"

Thanks so much!

Curriculum Peek

Spelling/ Vocabulary: We are done with spelling for the year! The final vocab test over Folktales will be this Friday.

Math: We will be finishing Topic 16 this week. The test will be on Friday.

Science: We are assembling our boards for the Science Fair this week. The Science Fair will be held this Thursday at 2:15pm in the cafeteria.

Reading: This week, we are learning about different types of folktales including myths, legends, fables, and fairytales.


The link below will take you to a vocab study website. All vocab words are updated for the test on Friday.